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Verify Attendance

Verify attendance of all your drivers with just a single touch.

Driver Oversight

Monitor comprehensive details of your driver and driving conditions with a single click.

Speed Alert

Sends you alert message whenever a vehicle crosses the set speed limit.

Engine Cut

Automatically switch on/off engine power through mobile push button.

Remote Tracking

Now track your entire fleet or consignment remotely from anywhere in the world through just a single click of your mobile phone.

Real Time Tracking

Seamlessly track and locate your entire fleet in a cost effective manner.

Emergency Alarm

Instantly sends you SOS notifications in case of emergency or incident.

Parking Alert

Quickly monitor and ensure safety to prevent unauthorised activities.

Security Check

Quickly monitor and ensure safety to prevent unauthorised activities.

Intuitive & Robust

Enrich your mobile experience with highly intuitive and robust features.

Real-Time Tracking & Navigation

Our web applications have embedded GPS tracker for real-time monitoring and navigation.

Trip History

Track all the trips across your entire fleet graphically on the map.


We integrate location-based services with the power of cloud computing to make critical data available for the right business decisions.

Engine Cut

Reduce operational costs by cutting off engine power remotely through your web application in case of idling and stoppage.

User Management & Access Control

Our web applications allow you to add or modify user profile and manage control features.

Instant Alerts

Get instant notifications in case of over-speeding, stoppage, idling, tampering and route deviation.

Geo Fencing

Create geographical territories on the map; get alerts every time a vehicle enters or breaches the boundaries.

24-hour History and Dashboard Summary

Get comprehensive historical reports and summary up to 90 days in the past for informed decisions and high ROI.

Radar View

Radar View – We can integrate RFID technology into our web application to let you have a real-time view of your entire fleet.

User Friendly Interface

We design simple yet intuitive web applications with easy to use interface.

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